A long time ago in a Solaxy far, far away...
🖖 Who are Tensorians?
Tensorians are the 10,000 die-hard fans of Tensor. It's the craziest bunch in the universe, taking a punt on this tiny yet ambitious team that is trying to bring NFTs to the masses.
What does being a die-hard fan even mean?
You're a hardcore user of our product, and can't imagine your life without it.
You're an active member in our discord, providing feedback and helping others.
You vibe with the Tensorian way of life - pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

It also means you're really important to us. You're giving us time, energy and mindshare - and we value that more than anything else.

Nobody is more important for us than our 10,000 die-hard fans, Tensorians.

Why should you become a Tensorian ("utility")?
Exclusive drops, merch and other fun stuff that we're cooking strictly for Tensorians!
+++ you get to rock a sic PFP made by Zen0 and post “SHIP IT ⚛️⚡️” all day long :)